Q?I have never surfed before. Is this vacation good for beginners?

All of our surf camps are perfect for beginners. Many, if not most of our first time guests, have never touched a surfboard before. Our ISA Instructors will focus on your weekly learning and improvement.

Q?I will be traveling alone. Do you have many assistants traveling solo?

Over half of the women that join us on our surf camps are traveling alone. These trips are the perfect place to meet new friends and enjoy your vacation with other sisters that love to do what you like to do! You are in good hands with us!

Q?Do I need to know how to surf to assist to a Surf Sisters Retreat?

No, you do not need any previous experience to travel with us! The Surf Sisters Crew is ISA (International Surfing Association) certified Instructors and coaches and will teach you to surf.

We promote a comfortable and competition-free environment; where every girl learns and progress with her own times and, mainly, having fun.

Q?Is there an age a limitation to learn surfing?

There are no age limitations to learn Surfing. It´s a really fun and progressive sport to learn, under the guidance and instruction from a certified Instructor. You will start with a big and stable board (longboard) and, after a theory lesson in the shore, you will start to catch your first waves!

Q?What is the I.S.A.?

The International Surfing Association (ISA) is the World Governing Authority for Surfing and all Surf riding activities, including Short Board, Longboard, Bodyboard, Kneeboard, Tandem, Skimboard, Tow In and Stand Up Paddle surfing. The ISA is dedicated to the development of these sports worldwide; providing guidance and advice to its members around the world on matters such as competition, judging, coaching, surf schools, anti doping and drug testing and other areas of development of the sport.

The ISA is a non-profit organization recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as the International Federation for all waveriding sports including surfing and bodyboarding. The ISA is a member of the Association of IOC Recognized International Sports Federations (ARISF), the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), the General Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF), and the International World Games Association, (IWGA).

Q?Is Surf Sisters only for Beginners?

No, we promote surfing for all levels and skills. The objective in our camps is the integration of every girl, training and surfing together we progress more than alone! You will learn from your Instructor but also from your team mattes, we will support and encourage each other, from those ladies that are catching their first waves ever to those progressive surfers looking to improve their technique and surfing.

Q?How does Surf Sisters organize their Trips?

Every destination we chose is a place where we have surfed, teach, traveled and lived for a period of time.

We research, visit and experience every detail and part of the camp; looking for every single details and conditions that can make each retreat unique: a comfortable and spacious villa, with beautiful areas, where the group can relax and enjoy and a great local team with the same passion and commitment to offer every sister an unforgettable experience.

You will get from every destination what we believe is special… you will experience Morocco, but not only the great surfing, but also it´s food, culture and friendly people; we will always work on showing you the best of each destination and completely disconnect from your daily routine and submerge on a great retreat.

Q?What kind of accommodation does Surf Sisters chose for the trips?

We always chose beautiful, comfortable and spacious Villas; with great amenities, and vibe; where areas are connected and integrated, in order to help to the group synergy.

Surf Sisters spirit is sharing the experience with the entire group and making new friends and travel partners… this is the reason why we do not work with Hotels: we get the group integration with yoga and in the water, but also sharing common areas, meals every day and chill out moments.